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Readers’ comments

“Annette, I love, love your book! I will be showing it off where ever I go! I haven’t gotten all the way through the book yet but I am finding pearls as I go!”Aroostook County reader

“I have been having an interesting trip through your Dr. Lucy book. I feel like I’ve been visiting —peeking into another door to visit with each lady and wondering about what their journey was like. The research revealed what “we” always knew, that women have always played so much more significant part in the history of the state than we were previously taught or learned on our own! You have definitely performed a public service and whetted my appetite for more.” –Another Maine author

“I have enjoyed your book tremendously. It reflects so much work (and I’m sure rewrites). You have done a beautiful job putting this all together in such an interesting fashion. The compilation under different categories made it easy to read and take it all in, so much information!” – A well-traveled reader 3-Doctor's descendants

“I’m still reading Female Physicians. It’s interesting how many forms of doctoring there was even way back then. I’m in awe of all the research that went into these books!” – S.P.

“I love it – so beautifully done and so much research. I was overwhelmed by the amount of information in one book. You did an incredible job. When I crash on the couch at night I can read a little each evening. I am totally shocked and amazed at what those poor women went thru to become Dr.’s. I loved the reference that they thought the woman’s brain would shrink –unbelievable.” —W.D. in Calif.

“I’m reading it like my Bible -not all at once -I read a few sections, think about them, and read a few more another day. I like the format.” Maine reader

I am savoring Dr Lucy; it’s easy to read a little and put it down and read a little more because of the format. I like that. I cannot even imagine being a Dr during that time; what courageous women to take on the task as well as bucking society’s idea of what was proper for them at the time.” –an out-of-state reader

“I really like it. One of my favorite parts is the variety of illustrations you included–the ads and the contraptions. They make it a bigger story. The medical community is going to want this book.” a newspaper man

“Save two copies for me! I am going to give my wonderful female doctor a copy. She is a very, very busy doctor and very special.” West Coast reader