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I forgot to tell you how much I enjoy your books. Mothers Who Murdered was very interesting and more than a little disturbing, but very difficult to put down. My 31-year-old grandson even read it. He was interested in the laws and punishments of those times as he has been a guard at the jail in Portland. – A Maine reader

I am still reading your book…slowly. I really got caught up in the research you did about the prisons themselves, sizes of cells, meals, etc… it has captured the interest of my co-workers and if I do not take it when I get my nails done, my nail lady has a fit because she likes me to read it to her!…it is great. W.D., California

I enjoyed your presentation immensely. You are a good speaker and held everyone’s interest. You had the audience in the palm of your hand. They participated very actively in the Q & A portion—a very good sign. I have been to many book signings and written columns on them, but none as interesting as yours and as well done.R.M., journalist

I have been enjoying your book very much. It is so well written and so well documented in your endnotes. Your friend is correct about a broader impact the book has beyond the crime stories. You put so much information in the book, so much more than the crimes themselves. The book is just fabulous. It is so well put together.an avid reader

I must say that you did some incredible research. You write so beautifully and your research is so thorough! I almost fell over when I read the letter from the townspeople wanting to grant the married sister a pardon. I love the book, and as I said, the details, the research had to have been so difficult. West Coast reader

Annette, My teenage grandson “borrowed” your book while I was out of town. When I got back, I asked what he thought. He said, It’s more interesting than my history classes!a grandmother, PhD

Annette drew a large crowd and charmed them all as she talked about her newest book. Annette is a fantastic speaker who gives lively and engaging presentations. Highly recommended.Librarian