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About the Author

   As a life-long learner–educator, Annette Vance Dorey’s career has taken her to many locations –from the Southwest, to the Northeast and Canada. Interest in family history goes way back, even before getting her graduate degree in Human Development and Family Relationships at Colorado State University. As a university professor of education, she shared her passion for comparing historical “advice” with modern research results–a then-versus-now approach. Sharing her research and the stories behind her books with audiences is a joy!

She has served as a museum director of education, a historical society board member, and volunteer in literacy programs. In New England she has taught continuing education courses for teachers. In 2011 she volunteered in Lithuania, teaching conversational English language and methodology to teachers. Autumn 2017 she worked with several hundred students and nearly two dozen teachers of English in schools in Poland.

Organizations are invited to schedule illustrated author talks for Early Female Physiciansand Maine Mothers.